Finding the Cheapest Cruise Price

If you're going on a cruise, it is amazing how much you can save on the EXACT SAME ROOM simply by shopping around. Do your homework, and save your cash!

The first rule of thumb is to pretty much NEVER go with what the cruise line quotes you. That is like the Manufacturer Retail Price on a car. It's not what you actually should pay for the cruise - it's the top starting price. I have always found cheaper prices by checking the web.

In May 2005, I did research for a room type D on a Norwegian Majesty cruise. Here are the quotes I received for the exact same room from different locations. What I ended up doing is booking through Expedia because they have a price-match-plus-$50-certificate guarantee on all rooms. Meaning I could book with Expedia, then call them immediately to tell them the lowest price I'd found on the web. I'd get that same price on Expedia PLUS a $50 gift certificate to - $915 each - $920 each - $950 each - $963 each - $963 each - $963 each - $963 each - $964 each - $964 each - $964 each

expedia - $992 each - $999 each - starting at $1024 each
travelocity - $1040 each
hotwire - $1179 each - $1179 each - $1179 each - $1279 each - $1279 each - no rooms under $1300 each - $1484 each

Your best bet is to build a spreadsheet as you do your research so you remember which sites you've tried and what cost they gave. Always remember to include taxes and fees - to write down the FINAL total price.

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