Seasickness Symptoms

It's important to know what to watch for when you're on a cruise ship. Seasickness can creep up slowly - but can be serious if left untreated.

Seasickness can begin with a slight feeling of nausea or a loss of balance. Your mouth may seem watery, you may seem light-headed, dizzy, or tired.

If you let the seasickness progress without taking action, you soon will be throwing up, farting, and have cold sweats. You can easily dehydrate because you cannot keep any food or water down. This can be especially problematic with kids.

It's important not to take seasickness lightly. If you start to feel the beginning signs of seasickness, take action. Get some toast, crackers or apples to nibble on, to neutralize the acid in your stomach. Go up on deck, breathe fresh air, avoiding all smoke and fumes. Focus long-distance on the horizon. Your body should soon acclimate to its new situation and develop its "sea legs". If not, see the ship's doctor for medication.

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