Seasickness Cures

Seasickness can quickly destroy even the most luxurious of cruises. Be sure to plan ahead and be prepared in case seasickness begins to strike your cruise.

First, understand what seasickness is all about. It is a lack of balance caused by the moving "ground" (the ship) and your lack of any visual solid reference (land). You end up feeling very queasy and nauseous.

The first thing you can do is to avoid situations where this will even come up. Book large ships, not small. Get ships with good stabilizers. Take routes that are smooth. Go at times of year that are calm.

Next, if you feel even the slightest bit queasy, it's important to take steps immediately. Don't put it off figuring "I'll feel better in a minute". In most situations, you can either treat it immediately, or have it worsen quickly. Go up on deck and look at the horizon, breathing fresh air. Avoid ALL fumes, smokes, odors. Sit up, don't lie down. Don't drink liquids, but eat crackers, apples, and toast. Ginger helps as well. They help to dissipate the acid in your stomach.

If you are chronically seasick, there are many medications that you can get. Either talk to your doctor before you leave, or talk to the ship's doctor.

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