Kid Ideas for Rainy Cruise Trips

While you may hope for sunny weather, it's always best to plan for adversity on a cruise. Here are some fun, easy ideas to keep the kids entertained if they can't go outdoors.

Origami is a personal favorite of mine. Paper is super-thin and easy to pack. It's simple for newcomers and can be quite advanced for the more experienced. When you make origami creatures, you can give them to thrilled bystanders or leave origami tips for the wait-staff. Always bring origami paper!

Deck of Cards
You can play solitaire, cribbage, and any number of games with just a simple deck of cards! Be sure to practice up beforehand so you learn the rules. Another alternative is to bring along a little book of card games, and learn as you go.

Nintendo DS / Sony PSP
Handheld gaming systems are super small, super convenient and can easily occupy a player for hours and hours. Both the DS and PSP are wireless multiplayer, meaning your child can play with any other kids on the ship very easily!

This is often a first idea for people - but I tend to resist it. Books are big and heavy, and are usually read very quickly. Your ship probably has a library that will serve nicely if you really want a book. That being said, if you find a book that you can read together - that is a GREAT way to pass the time. Get a book you all enjoy that is relatively long, and pull chairs together in a lounge.

Sketchbook / Journal
A cruise is often a once-in-a-lifetime event, and kids are rightly excited about this. Let them keep a journal or do sketches with colored pencils, recording their feelings and sights seen.

Scavenger Hunt
On your first day on the ship, carry a tiny notebook in your purse or pocket, and make notes about interesting things you see on the ship. Then later, if you need something to keep the kids busy, ask them to go and find those things. It can be great fun!

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