Getting a Job on a Cruise Line

It may seem idyllic, to work on a cruise ship, visiting exotic locations with a glamorous job. In reality, you'll get long hours, cramped quarters - but good pay.

Most cruise lines are actively looking for workers, and with the cruise industry expanding, this is going to be true for quite a while. So there is great job security for someone who is very patient, hard working, and understanding.

You are being fed on the ship - although not at the restaurants with the passengers. You normally work about 10 hours a day, and have to spend your off-time in the crew area, again away from the passengers. If you are free, you might be able to visit whatever port you're in, but it might be that you are exhausted by the time you are done with your shift and don't have the energy to.

You'll have some great passengers who will tip you well - and you'll have angry, grumpy passengers who hate the ship and take it out on you. You have to be equally sweet to all of them. You'll be staying in a tiny cabin with 3 other workers, and have to make do with the room. But, after all, your room is free.

You don't get much chance to see friends and family while you are off working. You do get some vacation time, but usually any non-cruising time will be unpaid.

Still, if you are frugal, you can easily save all of the money you make suring your working time, since your room and board are being fully taken care of for you. If you are good with money, you can rack up quite a savings account by doing this. Not only that - but if you are truly patient, friendly and understanding, your passengers will appreciate that and give you nice tips. It all comes down to how well you can grin and bear it even in the worst of times.

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