Cruise Ship Job - Entertainer

One of the best jobs to have on a cruise ship is to be an entertainer. You get to be up on deck, in the sun, doing something you enjoy doing. You can probably make $1,600 or more doing this. While this may seem on par with other jobs such as housekeeping or waitstaffing, the entertainer tends to work far fewer hours and has a much easier job.

While most jobs on the ship involve laboring for 12 or more hours a day in the dark bowels of the ship, the entertainer is typically up on deck or in the large theater areas. The entertainer gets to do what he or she enjoys - singing, dancing, playing an instrument. An appreciative audience gives immediate feedback, assuming you are good of course!

The typical cruise ship downsides exist - you're stuffed into a tiny lower cabin with 3 other strangers, you eat crew food and not cruise ship food. Depending on the line, you may not be allowed on deck unless you are performing. Still, you usually have far more free time than other workers on the ship, which allows you to visit the ports of call and explore.

Also, if you really practice your skill, you could become a featured headliner for the ship. That will get you a higher salary, more perks, and even a loyal following amongst the cruise ship passengers!

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