Wedding on a Cruise - Concerns

If you're thinking about having a wedding on a cruise, here are some concerns to keep in mind.

Weather Issues
Yes, your land church might get rainy - but it will still be there! With a cruise ship, if bad weather hits, it might conceivably not make it BACK to the dock to get you when you expected. What happens if the cruise ship is 2 or 3 days late picking you up, due to bad weather? You have to understand that this is always a possibility, and be prepared for it. A cruise is not a precise time-clock instrument. It is a floating boat very subject to weather patterns.

Small Focus
If you marry in a church, you are usually the only thing that church is doing all day. The restaurant you have a reception in likewise is probably focussing on you. On a cruise ship, however, there are thousands of other people on board. So it might be much harder to get help or fix issues immediately. Again, patience is required.

Where you can easily budgetize on land, it's much harder on the ship. Usually they require to use their services for everything - and those rooms can be quite pricey. If you want a number of people to go with you, that can get rather expensive. Be sure to map out ALL the costs that will be involved, including parking and other fees. They can add up quite quickly.

If you've never been on a boat before, this is something to consider. Many people do NOT get seasick. Some of course DO. You might want to take one or two trial cruises before you build your "most important day" around a boat.

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