Wedding on a Cruise - Benefits

If you're preparing to get married, a cruise line wedding can be very tempting. It makes even the wedding ceremony a relaxing, fun event!

One Stop Shopping
You don't have to worry about flowers, cake, alcohol, anything. It's all provided for one price. That leaves you more time to choose your dress and simply relax!

No Travelling Involved
Once you get on board, you are ALL SET. You don't have to race to the church. You don't have to find your way from the church to the reception hall. And you don't have to get a driver to get from the hall to home, and from home to the honeymoon! You're all taken care of. All you do is walk from place to place, and everything is right there.

A True Celebration
Many weddings get bogged down in silly concerns and details. Really, when you look back 20 years later, what you want to remember is that you had fun with the friends and family you loved. A cruise lets you do that. You're all together, you're all eating great food, you're all relaxing and visiting exotic locations.

Treated Like a King and Queen
Cruise ships are great at really pampering you. You get room service, attentive waiters, you can even get a massage and spa treatment. What a way to start your new life together!

Wedding on a Cruise - Concerns

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