Wine List on NCL

Wine lists on cruise ships often are comprable to those found at a nice restaurant. The price falls into the same range as well. Here's the 2005 NCL list as an example. I compare the NCL shipboard price to what I found as the average at land restaurants, plus what you would pay for the bottle in a wine shop. The markup is shown to compare with the $15 corkage fee you'd pay if you brought that same bottle on board yourself.

WineNCLRestaurantWine ShopNCL Markup
Lincourt Pinot Noir$28$33$23$5
Jordan Cab$66$85$40$26
Woodbridge White Zin$19$18$9$10
Moet & Chandon Champagne$45$65$33$12
Fetzer Sundial Chardonnay$22$22$9$13
St Supery Chardonnay$26$33$16$10

That's of course not the full list, just a sampling. Restaurant prices are *always* higher than wine shop prices, because of the expense of storing them properly, keeping the glassware, accounting for corked bottles, and so on.

Even so, I really found the wine list to be well rounded and at quite reasonable prices. The only bottle that comes in at higher than the corkage rate is a cab - and the last thing you want to do is hand carry a cab on board and then drink it. Those types of wine, if aged enough to drink, have sediment in them. It's best to get them from the relatively stationary onboard wine cellar :)

Plus let's say you like Pinot Noir and buy 6 bottles of the Lincourt. That's $28 x 6 = $168. On NCL you get one free, meaning they are now $23 each. I call that a great deal, because you didn't even have to carry them, care for them or anything. You just get them brought to you and you drink them!

I'm a wine writer, so I tend to pay attention to wines at restaurants, and I'm quite happy with what I see on cruises' lists in general.

Full NCL Wine List

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