Drinking Water on a Cruise Ship

You hear the warning all the time when you travel - don't drink the water. Why do people say that, and do you have to worry on a cruise ship?

First, what the main issue is. Peoples' bodies get used to the normal organisms and bacteria found in their local water. These are things your body can handle. Your body is NOT used to strange organisms found in water from other parts of the world. It's not that that water is "bad" - it's just that it's different. Your body is very sensitive to strange organisms, and tries to fight off anything strange. Your body therefore gets tummy issues and flu symptoms during that battle.

The best way to prevent this battle from beginning is to make sure that the water you drink is clear from any strange bacteria. There are two ways you can do this. One is to drink only bottled water, which is filtered before it is bottled. The second is to bring a filter, and simply filter the water before you drink it.

Bottled water is a nice option - but it is *expensive*. Whether you buy it at home and lug it along on your voyage, or buy it on the ship, you're going to pay high prices for that water. In some cases bottled water costs more, gallon per gallon, than gas does! You could drink 1,000 gallons of tap water for what you pay for a bottle of bottled water. Is it better? Aquafina is merely municipal water. Alaska Premium water comes from municipal water in Alaska. In fact because of all the gas used to transport the bottles - and the plastics used to hold the water - bottled water is incredibly LESS environmentally friendly than drinking your local well / town water!

Heavy Metals in Bottled Water Chart

OK, enough of the bottled water rants. If you don't trust the ship water to be microbe-free, get a filter. There are a ton of them on the market. I like Britta. Just fill up a Britta pitcher and let it filter the water crystal clean for you. Pour it into a water bottle. Now you're all set, it's free, and you're healthy.

You pay a base fee to go on a cruise. Don't compound it by paying more for your water! Instead of lugging water on board or paying extra for it on the ship, filter it - and the filter will work perfectly well at home afterwards, too!

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