Dining at the Captain's Table

You see it in the movies all the time. The stars of the movie get a special invitation to dine with the Captain. Does this really happen? Sometimes, yes!

While most of the crew is stuck eating below decks at the employee's dining area, the captain and higher members of the crew are allowed to eat in the nice dining areas that passengers frequent. The captain often invites any special people on board to join him at his table, as a way to honor them.

If you receive an invitation to join this group, then certainly make your best effort to attend! It is quite rare, as you can imagine with a passenger list of 2,000 or more on most ships, for a given person to sit at that table. It might be nice to dress up for the occasion, if you have brought the clothes with you. Some ships even rent fancy clothing for this sort of occasion.

Note that the captain does not of course steer the boat manually 24 hours a day. He would never get to sleep! He is in charge of the general direction that the boat takes, but his underlings are more than capable of doing the minute to minute tasks of keeping an eye on heading and speed. If there's some sort of an emergency, though - say a gigantic iceberg appears ahead - the captain will be called to the bridge to help determine what to do.

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