Beer Prices on Cruise Ships

When you drink beer on a cruise line, it's usually the same cost - or cheaper! - than any regular quality restaurant or hotel you'd go to. The view is much nicer, too!

Here are a few comparisons of beer prices on cruises. These prices were all researched in May 2005.

NCL Majesty - US beer $3.25, Non-US beer $3.75
.. Note this price is both for regular cans AND for 20oz draft!
.. There's a buy 5 get the 6th free plan.
Carnival Legend - US beer $3.25, Non-US beer $3.75
.. Guinness is extra at $4.50
Disney Magic - US beer $3.25, Non-US beer $3.75
.. The drafts are 16oz and are $3.25 for US, $4 for Heineken (the only non-US)
Serenade of the Seas - US beer $3, non-US beer $3.75
.. They also have draft, large draft and pitcher prices. No size stated.
.. Large draft is $3.75 for US and $4 for non-US

None of those seem out of line to me at all - they seem really normal! Here are some prices I found for regular restaurants for beer:

Namaste - Indian in CO - US beer $3, non-US beer $4
Risky Business - bar in AZ - US beer $3-$3.50, non-US beer $3.25-$3.50
Austin's - BBQ in CA - US beer $3.25, non-US beer $4.25
Hearth N Kettle - Family in MA - US beer $3.50-$3.75, non-US beer $4-$4.25

Note that I didn't "pick and choose" these - I just did a quick web search to find prices across the US. Also note that these aren't even fancy restaurants or resorts, where prices are much higher!! These are REGULAR, casual restaurants. In fact, a resort I dream about going to is the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Price for one beer there? $5.45!! At the Marriott in Cancun, one unlucky traveller only realized the Sapporo (Japanese beer) was going for $12/bottle when the check came. Resorts love to leave prices off the menu and then bill you once the drink is already in your stomach :)

If you're concerned about getting the Most Alcohol you can, you also can't complain about watered-down beer if you get it in a can. So you get what you want.

So really, beer prices on cruises are incredibly good deals. Given the gorgeous scenery you get on a cruise, and the fact that your designated driver is built into the bar, I'm actually surprised the beer prices are so *low*. Be sure to give your bartender a big tip!

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