Bermuda Cruise Destination Tips

If you're cruising to Bermuda, there are various things you'll want to know to prepare for your trip. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

First, Bermuda is SMALL. You could easily walk across the island in a day if you wanted to. The roads are small and windy. Being British, they drive on the left side of the road. Tourists can't rent cars - and I highly discourage renting mopeds because of the dangerous traffic conditions (windy roads, left side driving, quick speeds). There are ample busses and taxis - make use of those.

Next, Bermuda is geared towards tourists. However, they also realize they are tiny and don't want to be overrun. So they restrict their weekly "load" to only 6 cruise ships. The ships primarily come from Boston and New York. Depending on their size, they can dock in different locations. It really doesn't matter though, because as mentioned, Bermuda is small :)

Because of all these tourists, Bermuda has made its local dollar simply equal the US dollar, whatever the US dollar is. You can happily use your US money if you want to. You can also pick up Bermuda money if you want to add it to your international money collection.

There are a number of attractions on Bermuda - an aquarium / zoo, a cave complex, numerous golf courses, horse-drawn carriage rides. But most people come to Bermuda for its natural beauty. There are pink beaches, a ton of snorkelling / SCUBA diving to do, great fishing, and nice nature trails to spot exotic birds on.

There are of course restaurants, bars, and shops just like in any other tourist location. And, as in most tourist locations, things are a bit pricey because they expect tourists to have money :).

Be sure to take your camera - perhaps the best souveniers here are the gorgeous images of the gorgeous ocean and the pink sands of the beaches!

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