Alaska Cruise Information

Alaska is a gorgeous, natural location offering glaciers, bears, whales, and many more sights not seen on most other cruises.

I admit freely that I love Alaska. The mountains are gorgeous, the eagles and bears are a wonder to watch. I've seen moose nibbling grass in family groups at the side of the road. The glaciers glow blue with their frozen water. The fields of wildflowers are stunning.

Cruising along the coastline can reveal sights that are invisible from any other route. Not only do you get to see the massive glaciers as they meet the ocean, but you get to see the bears and other animals that keep to the shore to stay away from people. You get to see whales and other marine creatures in their native habitat.

Most cruises also offer you inland excursions so you can get in to the national parks and explore. So you get the benefit of the cruise ship travel along with the glimpses into the inner beauties of Alaska.

One issue to keep in mind is that some cruise ships deliberately dock at "tourist towns" - dumping thousands of passengers into a small village that normally only has 400 or so people. The tourists literally outnumber the locals 5:1 in some cases. The locals both appreciate the income, but also are bothered by the influx of people who mostly want to shop. It's better to look for a cruise line that goes with a balanced route - one that lets you see the local beauty of the landscape and experience the charm of the native culture without being a dump-and-run quickie.

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