Princess Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Lines was made world famous by the Love Boat TV show, which was shot on its decks during actual cruise runs. The show is long gone, but the cruise line sails on!

The ships are large ones that go to many exotic destinations around the world. The company that owns these ships has been running boats for over 100 years - but the real high time for this line began in the 80s with the large ships and the TV series. With the Love Boat, they really made cruising seem "normal" for middle class America, and not an extravagance reserved for the truly rich.

Princess is known for creating larger and larger ships, carring 3,000 or more passengers at a time. That's more than many small towns have as residents.

The ships feature 24 hour restaurants, for those who tend to stay up late and sleep all day. They focus both on the destinations and on activities - you can learn to SCUBA dive or visit interesting islands. Often you're doing both!

The cruise line has a very loyal following, with its many long years of skill in handling cruise ship passengers and its new ships that are build with a lot of know-how. The ship might not please the ultra rich or the bargain seekers, but they do a great job of being perfect for just about anybody else.

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