Cruise Line Information

If you're new to cruising, you are probably curious what a cruise line is. A cruise line is simply the term for a company that owns one or more ships. Carnival is a popular cruise line.

If you were going to sail on the Norwegian Majesty, that is one boat. The boat is owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines. Even though there is an "s" in Cruise Lines, that organization is called a Cruise Line. Think of it as a line of clothing - i.e. a group of clothing all made by the same company. A cruise line is a fleet of boats all owned by the same company. So in the Norwegian Cruise Line, there is -

Nowegian Majesty
Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Star

The ships can be very similar to each other, or very different. It all depends on the cruise line's attitudes towards shipbuilding. Sometimes a single cruise line will offer both giant ships and tiny ships. Other cruise lines try to make sure every ship is as similar to the others as possible.

Most cruise lines will aim for the same quality level across their ships. If you go with Norwegian, you know that the main aim is towards family-friendly cruising at low prices. If you go with Celebrity Cruises, you know that you'll pay more money and get a higher level of quality and service. Each line has its own "personality" for which it is known.

Be sure to do research into not only the specific cruise you are interested in, but also the background of the cruise line that owns that boat. It will help you choose the cruise that is perfect for your style!

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