Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines ships are marked with a giant X. This is actually the letter Chi in Greek, and it stands for the name of the owner.

Celebrity currently has 10 ships, with names such as the Century, Constellation, Mercury, Zenity and Galaxy. The ships are known for their quality offerings at a reasonable price - not as cheap as some of the more mass market lines, but not as expensive as the premium lines, either.

You get a number of dining options on a Celebrity ship, along with a number of spa treatment and entertainment options. While the ships normally encourage families, there are special adults-only sailings for those who are seeking a more serene (and perhaps naughty!) experience.

The dining is often trumpeted as one of the main reasons to go with Celebrity - from the attention of the staff to the courses designed by Michel Roux.

Celebrity has a large range of areas they cover. From Alaska to the Bahamas, from Europe to Hawaii to Mexico, it's likely you can find somewhere you'd be interested in cruising with Celebrity.

Yes, the price tends to be higher than some other cruise lines, but you "get what you pay for", as the old saying goes. It's worth it to take a look at what Celebrity offers, to see if this is the style you'd like to become accustomed to living.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

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