Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival is known as the fun ship, with a 24 hour pizzeria and water slides into their pools. If you like glitz and neon, this is the ship for you!

The ships are very standardized. They use the same deck names, have the same features, and are high on snazzy electronic gadgets. Once you take one Carnival cruise, they want you to now be comfortable on any Carnival cruise line ship, to hop between them and enjoy all of the routes.

The ships are in general huge and elaborate. They have a wide range of restaurants and lounges, multiple pools, and sports activities. This is definitely a ship for active people. In addition to golf lessons, volleyball lessons and a full gym setup, Carnival encourages you to do fun activities at your destinations as well, from horseback riding to windsurfing.

Carnival brings that energy over to the kid's area too, with a super-fun pool area, twister games, scavenger hunts, and teen disco time. Of course the exact setup differs from ship to ship, but some are truly spectacular. Be sure to read the literature on each ship to see what they offer.

Some people complain that Carnival is TOO glitzy - that it is more like a Las Vegas sideshow vs an elegant, quiet, movie-star sipping martinis lifestyle. But to many, that glitz, fun, loud, active lifestyle is exactly what they're looking for. If you're up for action and fun, then definitely give Carnival's schedule a look!

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