Plan and Enjoy your Cruise

In Plan and Enjoy your Cruise by Fodor's FYI series, you get a brief, basic description of each step from planning, purchasing, packing for and enjoying your cruise trip.

The book is the size of a small paperback and is only about 200 pages of large-print type. That being said, it really does step you through all of the basic, common-sense things to keep in mind when you're planning a cruise. It talks about making sure you choose a cruise situation that is right for you - and not right for the travel agent's pocketbook. It discusses types of cruises, special needs, and how to choose a travel agent.

There are tips about what to do when you first get on board, how to make the most of your time at see, how to avoid any hidden charges. There are safety tips for both the cruise ship and shore excursions.

I don't know that this was really an "experts share their secrets" as touted on the cover of the book. There wasn't anything TOO secret in what I read! Again it was all pretty much common-sense information that you find on just about any cruise website. But it is all nicely gathered together for you, nice easy-to-read type, perfect for sitting back and thumbing through and preparing for your upcoming cruise.

Well recommended for the new cruiser!

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