In Part 1 we talked about making sure you had a healthy egg and sperm. In Part 2 we talked about planning the timing so that they could meet up. Now, it's time to make this all work.

Human bodies are designed to know when it's best to have a new baby come into the world. If for example you were on an extreme diet, had no vitamins in your system and were extremely stressed out, you would find it hard to have a child. Your body would realize that the baby could harm you, and that you were not in a state to care for the child well.

So your aim is to show your body that you ARE in a position where you are well nourished, have plenty of vitamins so the baby is healthy, have low levels of stress, that the world is ready to welcome this baby.

Spend the month in which you're trying to conceive taking care of yourself. Eat healthy foods. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. Get your partner to massage you, listen to soothing music.

On the nights you have chosen to try to fertilize the egg, make it a fun game. Don't stress about it, enjoy it. Be relaxed, be happy, enjoy the time you're spending with each other. If you have a healthy egg and sperm meeting in the right spot, you want to give your body every chance to create a 'safe warm place' that this embryo can nestle into and begin to grow.

Good luck!

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