Immaculate conception is conceiving a child without a man actually having intercourse with the woman. While this is most associated with Jesus Christ, it can happen to others as well.

With Jesus, the father of the child was God, who simply impregnated Mary. But with other mortals in modern times, a human father can impregnate a woman without having physical sex with her. How is that?

Sperm are very mobile creatures and they are built with one purpose in mind - to fertilize an egg and create a baby. Sperm are released from the man during many points of his sexual excitement. It is not the final act of making love which releases the sperm - they are put out in smaller quantities at any point that he is aroused.

If the guy is near the woman - in a hot tub, laying against her with thin clothing, etc. - the sperm can very easily move from him to her as they touch, or through the water if they are in the same water. Once the sperm have reached the woman, they will seek out her moist areas and head in to search for the egg.

While this is not common, it has happened numerous times, and many virgins have then given birth to healthy babies. The moral of this story is - if you don't want to become pregnant, always use protection.

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