Over half of all pregnancies end in early miscarriages - many without the woman even realizing she is pregnant. What are symptoms of this common situation?

First, there are all sorts of reasons for a miscarriage to happen. The sperm might be not quite right, the egg could be not quite right, the lining of the uterus not quite right, the timing not quite right. The vast majority of people who have a miscarriage have a successful pregnancy later on.

Especially if this is in the first month or two, the symptoms may be the same as a normal period. There could be irritability, slight cramping, headaches and nausea. There could also be spotting or bleeding.

The bleeding from a miscarriage should not be more than a normal, heavy period. If your bleeding seems heavier than that or if there are unusual aromas or pains, you should contact your doctor for more information.

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