There are many causes for miscarriage that we can control. One that is out of our control, at least once the time has already passed, is our age.

The human body is meant to carry a child when it is at its peak in health, between the ages of 18 and 28. The body is pliable, the metabolism is high, the strength and health of the body is at its peak. The eggs are at their freshest.

As the body ages, both male and female, the chances for a healthy, successful pregnancy go down. A woman's eggs are all within her when she is born, so every passing year has the eggs one year older. By age 40, the fetus created has a 1 in 4 chance of having chromosomal abnormalities, something that often causes a natural miscarriage.

In general, a woman that is in her 20s has a 10% chance of miscarriage, with the embryo simply not happening to implant properly or having some sort of a random problem. However, when the woman is over 45, that chance of miscarriage rises to 50%. The body is much older, the embryo is much more at risk for having something wrong with it.

Of course, there is a chance at any age for a healthy, normal baby to be born. But if you are an older person, talking to a doctor should be your first step.

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