Some women feel a loss of energy and fatigue when they first get pregnant. But others feel energized when pregnant. On one hand, the act of creating a new life might take a toll on your body if you're in poor health and not eating well. Your body is taking nutrients that YOU need and giving them to the baby. But if you're in good shape and eating healthy, you might actually feel energetic and lively when your body kicks into pregnancy mode. After all, this is what it was made for!

So neither feeling is necessarily a sign you ARE pregnant. If you're feeling lethargic and tired, it could just be a sign that you aren't eating well, or aren't sleeping well, or are over stressed. If you're feeling happy and alert, it could be that you've found a good balance with your life and are pleased with what you have achieved.

In either case, the only way to show if these are pregnancy related is to take a test!

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