Very often, a change of scenery and fresh new sights and smells can add a dose of magic back into your relationship, and kick up your conception chances.

One of the most serious impediments to fertility is stress. It might be that whenever you look at your bed at home, you feel stressed about wanting a child or about other issues. One way to put that all behind you is to literally head out the door for a weekend away.

It doesn't need to be far. You can go to the next town, or just a few hours drive. Agree with each other that this will be a fun weekend - no stress, no expectations, no timeline. It will just be you two, reading books, going for walks, whatever strikes your fancy. No list of things to do. This shouldn't be an 'educational weekend' with a set schedule. It should just be about complete relaxation.

Be sure you eat well, enjoying healthy foods, and take your vitamins along with you. Drink lots of water, and get out into the fresh air. When evening rolls along, open up a bottle of wine and share it with your partner. You might find that this was exactly what you both needed to set the stage for a new family member!

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