An aphrodisiac is something that makes you feel amorous, or sexually excited. The word aphrodisiac comes from the goddess Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and lust.

One class of aphrodisiacs are medical, and act on the human sexual system. Drugs like viagara, a pill to help impotent men, fall into this category. Other drugs claiming aphrodisiac qualities are deer antler velvet and mulberry berries.

Next are aphrodisiacs whose shape look like male or female genetalia. These arouse the mind by causing it to think about sex organs, and therefore the sex act. Items falling into this category include oysters, cucumbers and asparagus.

Libido is very closely associated with good health - so in days past where people could not necessarily get all the vitamins and nutrients they required, eating a rich, healthy food was a 'natural' form of aphrodisiac. The body, full of vitamins that it needed, would be more likely to perform well under strenuous conditions.

The human body is very sensitive to aroma, so an aroma that brings to mind a 'sexy mental image' will often get the mind in a good frame to enjoy sex. Musky aromas will encourage a person's thoughts in a sexual direction as well.

Finally, some substances lower natural inhibitions and therefore help get people past the nervousness and uncertainty that often comes with the sexual act. The prime example of this would be alcohol.

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