Vitamin C is critical for all stages of conception, pregnancy and childbirth. It is also important for normal health maintenance. Lack of Vitamin C causes scurvy.

Vitamin C has been found to greatly help both male fertility and female fertility. For men, sperm counts sometimes rose to 10 times their previous levels when taking healthy amounts of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is equally important during pregnancy. Women had shorter and easier childbirth. Vitamin C is a critical building block for developing fetusses.

All humans need Vitamin C to live. A lack of Vitamin C is called scurvy and used to afflict sailors who were out to sea for months. Symptoms of scurvy include bruising easily, bleeding gums, and hair loss. English sailors began to take lime juice and lemon juice with them to get enough vitamin C - which is why they were called "Limeys".

Foods high in Vitamin C:

red peppers
orange juice
apple juice
green peppers
brussels sprouts
grapefruit juice

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