Iron is critically important for a woman who wants to get pregnant - as well as key for her all during pregnancy and beyond. All females should keep track of their iron consumption.

The classic sign of iron-poor blood is anemia. Iron-poor blood cells are unable to carry oxygen around the body, causing lethargy and other problems. Because women lose iron each time they have a period, it is critical for women of all shapes and sizes, once they are menstruating, to keep sufficient iron in their systems.

It is especially important for women who wish to become pregnant or to have a healthy pregnancy. Iron is necessary for the growing fetus to grow properly. A nursing mother must take special care that she gets enough iron, so that the appropriate amount of iron then makes it to her infant.

Coffee, tea and cereal is known to interfere with iron absorption. If you are interested in having a baby, it might be wise to cut out these items during your pregnancy and nursing time.

While you can take iron supplements, it is always best to get your iron naturally. Foods that are high in iron include:

whole grain breads
egg yolks
pumpkin seeds
red meat

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