In order to to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy, it's helpful to understand the basic facts. Here is some information you should know about sperm.

* Sperm exist in any fluid (other than urine) that a guy releases. So whether it's the lubricating fluid of an aroused male or the full ejaculation during sex, there are millions of sperm in each drop.

* A full ejaculation can contain hundreds of millions of sperm. There can be around 300 million sperm released in the average sex act.

* Each sperm is shaped like a tadpole, with a round head and a squiggly tail. The sperm's only motivation is to get into the woman's vagina and uterus, to impregnate an egg.

* Sperm can swim in hot tub water, can swim through underwear, can swim across skin. They do not need to be PUT into the woman in order to GET into her and get her pregnant.

* Sperm can live for up to 5 days after being released, and can 'wait around' for an egg in order to impregnate it.

* Sperm, while tiny, can get to an egg within 20 minutes of release and have a new baby created.

* Some guys have unhealthy sperm, which have difficulty swimming or impregnating an egg. A doctor can test for this situation and suggest remedies.

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