Some feel that a girl can sneeze all of the sperm out of her. This is far from the truth - acts like sneezing do little to deter a sperm from its search for an egg.

Yes, sneezing blows snots out of your nose. But sperm are in a thick liquid and are created to work strongly to get inside a uterus and find an egg. They don't mind things like gravity, direction, sneezing or anything else. An average ejaculation releases hundreds of millions of sperm. Even if you managed to get half of them out, that still leaves hundreds of millions of them within you. If your egg is there, they will find it, and you will get pregnant.

Never rely on something like sneezing or jumping or shaking to get sperm out of you. You need to prevent the sperm from getting IN you in the first place, if you wish to avoid pregnancy.

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