Some believe that as long as you keep your underwear on, you can't get pregnant. Unfortunately for them, sperm care little about things like underwear - and they're incredibly mobile.

Sperm are designed to get through all sorts of obstacles to get to an egg and impregnate it. And they're very small. Something pretty meaningless like underwear, made up of fabric that naturally has weave spots in it, will hardly stop a sperm on its course. If any sperm at all get onto the guy's underwear, and that guy's underwear then touches the girl's underwear, those sperm move right along.

The guy does not have to fully ejaculate for this to happen. When a guy gets excited, his sex organ naturally creates a fluid to help lubricate the area it is in. This lubricant has some sperm in it. All it takes is for that fluid to get over to the girl in order for pregnancy to occur.

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