This urban legend claims if the girl douches with Sprite, 7-Up, Coca-cola or another carbonated drink that she can wash sperm out of her. This simply isn't true.

First off, if you don't know what douching is, it in essence means you wash your 'vaginal canal' out with water. It's a completely unnecessary act, but modern companies have tried to convince females that to get rid of their 'feminine smell' they had to buy specially formulated douches to wash out their vaginal walls.

However, your vagina is NOT your uterus. Your vagina is simply the pathway the male's sex organ uses to start the sperm going TOWARDS the girl's uterus. The opening between the vagina and the uterus is the cervix, and it's very small. While the sperm wiggle their way through it and get into the uterus, to find the egg, things like Coke and Sprite don't. And thank goodness for that! With all the chemicals and sugars in those drinks, the LAST thing you want inside your body is something like Coke. Who knows what molds and bacteria would grow as a result.

So hold off on the inane douching with carbonated beverages. It won't do ANY good about sperm being inside you - and could cause you all sorts of discomfort if it encourages yeast or bacteria to grow.

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