Many virgins believe they can't get pregnant the first time they have sex. They are quite mistaken. All a pregnancy takes is a sperm getting inside the vagina - something that *definitely* happens during all sex.

All virginity means is that the girl has never had a guy's sex organ inside her. And all pregnancy means is that the sperm from a guy's sex organ has gotten inside the vagina. So clearly a pregnancy can occur any time a guy has his sex organ near a girl's vagina - giving the sperm an opportunity to get into the vagina and therefore in to impregnate an egg. Sperm + egg = baby.

It is mostly teenagers who believe this urban legends, because they are hoping they can have that "first time" encounter without any protection. Be warned - if you take chances like that with your body, you're like to end up being parents before you were prepared for it.

The moral is - always use protection. Always.

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