Life of a Coffee Bean

You know that coffee is a brown powder. Maybe you´ve seen the dark beans that make this powder. But where do those beans come from?

The coffee plant is actually a tree that is nursed from a seed through several years. After a few years, the tree begins to flower, meaning it is ready to start producing coffee beans.

The flower stage lasts for a few months, at which point the plant begins to create berries. This berry grows to about the size of a cherry. When these ´cherries´ (and they are red) ripen, they are harvested. This harvesting differs depending on which coffee manufacturer is involved.

Now the outside has to be removed so that the bean inside (sort of like the cherry pit) can be used. Some manufacturers soak the bean in water, while others dry it out in the sun. Either way, that outside is taken off, and you´re left with the brownish bean.

Now the bean is polished, graded, and sent along to its destination!

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