Lipton Herbal Blackberry Vanilla Tea

I'm an immense fan of herbal teas. Caffeine based teas keep me up at night, so in order to sleep well I need to stick with the herbals. Especially in the winter, a herbal tea is just right to keep me warm. I've tried a wide variety of herbal teas over the years as a consequence.

I was quite curious about the Lipton pyramid tea bags. Just how well would this strange pyramid shape work? Would it really be that much different than the standard pillow style tea bags?

First, it does look pretty. You can see the collection of items within the pyramid. It adds a visual appreciation of the tea process. Since many cultures have entire ceremonies based around tea, that's not to be scoffed at. I admire visual beauty.

And it does seem to have a practical purpose as well. The tea seems to infuse more quickly and bring a richer flavor. I'm normally not one to reuse tea bags so I am fine with it thoroughly adding flavor to the tea water. For my style, I would rather have one really great brew of tea vs making multiple weak teas. If someone prefers multiple uses of a tea bag they probably won't get that here.

I find this tea really tasty, with a fresh flavor that really does taste like blackberry and vanilla. I know we all have different flavors we like and dislike. Some people adore chamomile and others hate it, for example. So certainly I understand that some might not like these flavors. I can only report that for my taste buds this is quite tasty. I find the balance to be nice.

On the down side, I normally compost my tea bags. These pyramids are PLASTIC and they want you to put them into the plastic recycling. But they have food items within them! You'd have to cut open each pyramid, compost the insides, then recycle the pyramid itself and hope that the recycling plant knew how to do that. I knock off a star for that process.

Still, the tea is tasty.

Rating: 4/5

I was provided a review set of the tea from the Amazon vine program.

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