Organizing Craft Papers

If you're a hobbyist who works with paper, you know how quickly those paper piles can mount up and get messy. Here's my tips for organizing your craft papers.

First, bring all your papers together in one place so you can see what the project will entail. Are they different shapes and sizes? All the same? In my case I use origami paper which is primarily 6" squares. So that gave me a starting point. I would do best with a storage unit that handled six inch areas.

Then go to all the local shops in your area that stock any types of storage units. Go to Home Depot, Target, and everything else in between. Don't just look for "paper storage". You never know if something meant to store nuts or bolts will be absolutely perfect for your needs.

In my case, we finally came across two stacking shelf systems that just happened to have 6" openings. Perfecto!!

I put these into a closet. That way they are out of the way while still easy to get to. They sit on top of a regular bookshelf which holds my other non-origami supplies.

Next, I used a labeller to label each cube. That way if I need confetti paper, or textured paper, or aizome paper, I can grab it easily and start working with it. It makes everything from starting a project to cleanup much more quick.

Good luck with your paper storage needs!

Organizing Craft Papers

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