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It really makes a lot of sense - the more organized your home is, the easier it is to clean. If you have papers all over creation, then it is hard to even think about dusting or vacuuming, never mind to actually perform those tasks. However, if you have all your papers in a rolly-drawer, then it's far less of a hassle. You just roll the drawer into a corner, take 2 minutes to vacuum up, and you're all set.

Of course the issue is that few of us have time to organize. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves. We look at the giant piles of "stuff" everywhere and cringe at the idea of doing something with it. But really, many studies have proven that being disorganized takes FAR more time out of your life. You spend maybe another minute or two each time you have to find something, as you look through piles. It takes you that much longer to do any basic cleaning. Clutter even has a slow, water-torture like affect on your psyche. Every time you see it, it gives you a slight tweak in your brain that this is something "to be done". You might not even notice it, but over time those tweaks add up.

First, start with ONE room. You can't organize your entire life at once. Choose a corner to begin in. Start high and work your way down low. Move everything you don't need into another room. Work your way around the target room. Be brutally honest with yourself about the things you encounter. You really love having three phones on your desk - but really, only one has rung in the past 6 months. It's time to maybe consolidate your phone lines or get wall-mount items.

Once you are done with this room, take a photo of it. Look at the items you removed and decide how many you really need. The Salvation Army and other charity organizations would LOVE to get your old items, to sell and support their good deeds with. If you haven't used it recently, send it off where it can do some good for somebody. You can also eBay it, to earn some extra income.

Don't try to do everything at once. Just get this one room under control, and then when you have free time next, move on to the next room. Soon you'll have the whole house shaken out, far less "stuff" cluttering up your world, and a much easier time cleaning.

Here are some items I *highly* recommend:
- Rolly plastic drawer cabinet. Perfect for organizing bills, organizing eBay sales items, you name it.
- Wall-hanging corkboard. Use for sticking up important tickets and items
- eBay account. Sell everything you don't need. Use the money to treat yourself for the cleaning efforts.
- Labeller. Label all electrical plugs. It's amazing how easily they get separated from their devices.

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