WaterPik Misting Shower Massage

We tried out this misting shower massage when our previous Water Pik began leaking and became unusable. The one shown here has a solid neck, but our version had a twisty neck which was great for pointing at the level you wanted. My boyfriend loved the mist option to create a steam bath. I myself prefer the stronger stream, and the unit did nicely here, too.

Unfortunately, just as our WaterPik began leaking and therefore non-functional in our low pressure pipe household, this one too began leaking almost immediately. It's not like we have high water pressure which "blows out the seals" or anything like that. Quite the opposite. We have gentle, low pressure which normally wouldn't cause any problem for a shower head. Also, no matter what setting we used, right from the start, water would leak out of other holes too, meaning we could never get a decent pressure on it.

We moved on to a new unit.

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