WaterPik Cascadia CF-201 Flexible Showerhead

We actually really enjoyed our Cascadia, for the short while that we used it. The misting spray was very relaxing for my boyfriend, who enjoys misty showers. The stronger shower option was OK for me - I tend to like my showers strong.

The problem here wasn't really the spray itself, but the inane, short grey flexible neck they have the massive head mounted on. It wouldn't hold the shower head up! The shower head would flop over and point down. We tried a number of things. You would literally have to bungie-cord the shower head up to some sort of hook on your shower wall or ceiling in order to get it to stay somewhere.

The whole point of having a flexible head (for us) is that we want the shower head to be at a different height when the two of us take a shower, since he is taller and I am shorter. If we have a flexible neck that we have to jury-rig into a fixed position to get it to work - it's just not worth it. We moved on to another unit which had a flexible neck that was both flexible and also able to hold position when you had chosen one.

Nice idea - but poor implementation.

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