Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is the time to give your blessings for what you have received over the year. While the Thanksgiving day in particular is an American holiday - to celebrate the pilgrims surviving their first snowy year in the new world - the practice of having a harvest time celebration is thousands of years old. It is a tradition that every farm growing culture around the world seems to share.

Here are inexpensive ways to decorate your home for this autumnal season.

First, Thanksgiving is all about enjoying the harvest, the results of your hard work all through the year. If you have even a small garden, consider growing some squash and dryable flowers in one corner of the garden. If not, get some inexpensive ones at a farmer's market. There are a great variety of colorful squash types out there. Go for a nice mix of shades - bright orange, deep green, glowing yellow, striped and spotted.

Many craft stores will have a basket or two to display these squash in, and vases for the flowers. Get a wreath base and incorporate the foliage and flowers into it, for your front door.

Next for the two dimensional surfaces. Get some construction paper in a color mix. Draw and cut out horns of plenty, squash and pumpkins. Decorate your walls and windows with the images.

Just about every culture has celebrations to celebrate the harvest coming in. Look through your traditions and find the folklore and arts that are unique to your area. Usually these are quite inexpensive and fun to make.

When the weather moves around towards winter, it's time to switch gears. Make sure you get an inexpensive rubbermaid style of container at the local WalMart or other cheap store. That way when you're done with the season you can carefully pack everything away - that way it's fresh and usable next year!


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