Creating Decorative Spaces

When you watch TV shows that revamp homes, you might be amazed at what they can do with very little money. The same transformations can be made in your own home if you allow yourself to think creatively.

The key is to begin with a 'blank slate' in your mind. Imagine what you would want the room to FEEL like. Do you want a soft, cozy feeling? A quiet, zen like starkness? A rich, vibrant tropical look? Whatever you're aiming for, there will be a low cost way to get in that direction.

Paint is often the first place to start. You can often find inexpensive paints on clearance. Scout around to see if any colors that match your theme are available. You can do just one wall, or maybe stencils or murals on the existing wall.

Add in a poster or two - they can come in quite large sizes and really give a room a new feeling for very little money. If you know someone artistic, see if they can help out with some imagery for you.

Fabrics are a great way to add a new feeling to a room. Drape them across shelves, put them across the curtain rods, use new fabric as a throw for the bed. Again, keep an eye on sales and clearances to find what you want for inexpensive prices.

Look around at eye level. Sometimes if you toss just one or two items in that eye level zone it can make a lot of difference. If you have an African theme going, put a pair of bright yellow giraffes on a shelf at eye level. If you like the Japanese look, practice a kanji you enjoy until you can do it well - and then frame your own effort!

Roam around at garage sales and flea markets, keeping your theme in mind. Roam the online lists too, of people giving away things. You never know what random item you find will be just right for your new look.

Above all, be willing to have some fun and take a few chances. Paint that dresser white. Try a green stencil across the top of the wall. It might make the room really better! And if it doesn't, you can always paint over it again.

Budget Decor Tips

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