Customized Cheap Pillows

You can add instant variety to any bed by playing with the pillow combination. This also works well for sofas, guests rooms, patio benches, and anywhere else that a person might be likely to sit down.

If you buy square napkins, all you have to do is sew almost all the way around the four edges. Turn the sewn square of fabric inside out, then fill it with soft stuffing. Once the square is plumped up to your satisfaction, sew up the last little bit so the stuffing doesn't come out. Voila!

You can decorate the pillow with fabric paint, or add on ribbons for a pretty look.

If you've got a fabric store nearby, they will usually sell remnants for very little money. Get a whole collection of fabric types and let your imagination run wild! You can swap out pillows every week, changing your look and theme to match the moment.

Try holiday themed pillows - orange and black for Halloween, beach themes for summertime, snowy scenes for the winter. You can also go for topical themes - pirates one month, birds another.

If you get iron on transfer paper, you can even put your own photos on the pillows. Many of the transfer printers go through a regular printer, just like a piece of paper. You "print" the design onto the iron-on transfer, and then simply iron it onto the cloth as you would do with any other transfer. You can decorate your pillows with pictures from your favorite vacations. Put photos of your grandkids on your living room pillows. If you have numerous people in your household, you can create a personalized pillow for each loved member of your family. It could be fun for frequent visitors to have their own pillows as well!

Pillows make great presents too. Take note if your guests admire or use the pillows you have out - and then whip them up one or two for the next holiday that comes along.

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