Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas

Your kitchen cabinet set is probably one of the most expensive aspects of your kitchen. Pulling out those cabinets and replacing them all can be a huge expense. There are many less expensive alternatives!

First, take a good look at the cabinet construction. Are they still sturdy? If the wood and basic layout is fine, try a face lift. Simple is always best to begin. What if you just replaced the knobs and pulls on the cabinets? You can really have an incredibly different look just by going from metal to porcelain, from gold to white. Try changing a knob or two and see what the effect is like. If you like it, go through and replace them all.

You can also repaint the existing knobs, if you can't afford to get new ones. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint really livens things up.

If that's not enough of a change, what if you sanded off the existing doors, or gave the entire doors a fresh coat of paint or stain? You could go from dark wood to light white paint. In addition to a fresh coat of paint you could paint a stencil design along the edges of your cabinets.

If you have a bit more money, look into refacing the cabinets. This leaves the entire old cabinet structure in place but physically puts on new doors and hardware. This can give you a fully new look and feel without most of the expense.

Another alternative is to take off all the doors completely and leave your cabinets open. If you have pretty dishware this can be an ideal solution! Instead of looking at old boring cabinet doors, you can now see the pretty china and glassware as you move about the kitchen. This could work well with some lovely shelf papers beneath the dishes.

If you are worried about oils and dust getting onto your things, they do have doors with glass inserts so that you can see into the cabinets while the doors are closed. This starts to get a bit more expensive, though, so be sure to budget accordingly!

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