Cheap Halloween Decorations

It's a ton of fun to decorate for Halloween - and it's even more fun when you can decorate inexpensively!

First, get bulk orange and black paper from your local discount store. Cut our pumpkin, ghost, tombstone, squash and other fall shapes and decorate them with crayons or magic markers. Hang them in all your windows and stick them on your doors and walls.

Many Halloween decorations are simply fall themed items. Get some bales of hay and corn stalks from your local farm and put them on your front porch or front steps. Grow your own pumpkins and squash for decorations inside and out. If you can't grow your own, talk with family and friends. Often people with gardens end up with FAR more produce than they can eat and are quite happy to find someone to take on the excess.

There are many scary and spooky WAV and MP3 files that can be found for free on the web. Download a bunch of them and put together a cassette tape or iPod worth of sounds. Play that in the background for a spooky effect.

Candles always give a spooky aura to any event. Make sure you use them SAFELY and always have someone present to keep an eye on them! You can of course put them into carved-out pumpkins or squash, or create your own luminaries for them with tin cans. There are many battery powered candles on the market nowadays which give the same general effect without the fire hazard.

Even a simple costume can be fun for the kids when they come to trick-or-treat. For women, try some make-up to turn yourself into a Cleopatra or a kitten. If you're a guy, sports costumes are always easy and fun.

Make sure you get a Rubbermaid style container to hold all your decorations in once the season is over! Mark it clearly and then store it somewhere dry and safe. That way when Halloween comes around next year you'll be all set!


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