Futon Living Room

Having a futon in your living room is wonderful for so many reasons. With this simple addition, your living room becomes an instant guest room on a moment's notice. Heck, if you enjoy your living room, it can now become your main bed room! I know at least two people who routinely fall asleep in their living rooms because they enjoy their futon so much.

A futon is a Japanese mattress which traditionally is held on a wooden frame. The mattress can lay flat to be a bed - or it can slide into a L shape to serve as a couch.

For decor, nothing beats a futon. Most futons can be fitted with a typical sheet. This means that, to change the look of your living room, you simply throw on a sheet of a different color or pattern. If you get some fabric paints, you could even decorate your sheets with monthly themes. Get an orange one for Halloween, or a pastel colored one for the springs! Toss in a few throw pillows of matching or contrasting colors and you are all set.

If your TV or fireplace is in the living room, a futon is just perfect. Lay it down and lounge in bliss while the fire crackles or the movie plays. Where a regular couch is restrictive, cuddling on a futon is just right.

When guests come over, the futon is always there for them to sleep on in comfort. Heck, if you fall asleep on your futon, you might like it much better than your bed! We have a futon in our living room and it's very cozy to fall asleep there.

Best of all, of course, a futon is quite cheap! It's a simple frame and mattress. Depending on your budget, you can always get a better quality mattress - or at least know that you can upgrade that in the future if you wish.

Be sure to test out futons in your local stores, to see how well they suit you!

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