Front Walk Flowers

The first thing that you - or anybody else - sees as they approach your home is its front area. Find ways to add in flowers and decorations to bring beauty to this area, to create a pleasant first impression.

First, remember that it is always cheaper to grow your own flowers from seed. You can create an entire year's worth of flowers for under $1. Start them inside, early, by a window. That way you get the beauty of them inside with you for a while, then they can decorate your outside area all summer long.

Containers are perfect because they can be moved around to add a new look each week. Put containers on each step, or on your porch. Line your driveway with containers of flowers. Put some by the mailbox or sidewalk. If you have different kinds of flowers in the different containers then you can rotate them so that one week you have blue out front at the stairs, another week you have yellow, and so on.

Even if you are in the shade, there are always flowers and plants that will thrive there. That touch of green really does add visual interest and bring beauty to the location.

If there is simply no place for flowers because your door is right on the street, look into window boxes. Usually they can be quite cheap, and they provide a year round, rotating display of color.

Try a variety of container ideas. Many farmers will give away old apple barrels for free. Ask friends if they have any pails that had holes and were going to be thrown away. If you buy cat litter, buy it in the big plastic bucket - it's cheaper that way and now you get a free planter, too.

In the winter, use silk ivy and holiday themes, to keep the green going!

Don't forget about your front door. See if you can hang a wreath on it, to decorate with each season. You can have fresh flowers in the spring and summer, fall foliage in autumn, and sprigs of ivy in the wintertime.

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