Do It Yourself Furniture

If you've never tried it before, it can be scary to contemplate do-it-yourself furniture. Really, it's quite easy to put most of these together, and it saves you a LOT of money.

We have created a TON of do it yourself furniture over the years. Our bed is do-it-yourself. Our entertainment center was. Our dining room table had to be assembled. Everywhere around us are shelves, dressers, chairs and other things that came in little pieces.

The first step is to make sure you're buying from a company you can trust. If you think you're getting solid wood and end up with flimsy cardboard, not much is going to make that cardboard more sturdy. Research well before you buy. Make sure you understand what your needs for this item are. If you are going to be storing heavy text books on the shelf, get something solid. If the shelf collapses after 2 weeks, you've just wasted your money.

Next, read through the instructions from start to finish - TWICE - before you start anything. Make sure you have all the pieces. Sometimes they do make mistakes! Make sure you have all the tools necessary to do the job. Most of the time they include what you need, but sometimes you do need a few basic items.

Then set aside a BIG block of time and resolve to be patient. Drink herbal tea. Take breaks. Accept that it'll take a while to finish. It's fine to go slowly! This item is going to be a valuable part of your household, it's worth the investment of time and effort.

When you're done, congratulate yourself!! Have a little party for the money you've saved and the beauty you added to your home with your own two hands. And remember, you don't really have to stop there! You can always paint the item, add stencils to it, and liven it up even more. It can go from a typical run-of-the-mill assembled item to a true work of personalized art!

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