Decorate a Dining Room

Eating is an important part of every day - and it's important for your health that you eat in a slow, relaxed, leisurely manner. Here are ways to make your eating area more beautiful!

The main thing you are looking at during the meal is the placemat. We have a bunch of Cheap Placemat Ideas in this area that you could change out whenever the whim hit you. Create a placemat for every day of the week, for each month, each season, or whatever else appeals to you.

You don't have to spend a ton of money to have pretty plates. If it is just you or a couple that eat most of the time, look into local thrift shops and get a pretty pair of 2 plates. If you buy just one or two plates, you can get plates for every month of the year, and have a different experience based on the season. They don't even have to match!

Candles have always been a romantic part of a meal. Add a bit of interest to your own meals! Get some inexpensive candles or make your own. The same holds for candlesticks. Light the candles and relax to a slow, leisurely meal.

Flowers add a beautiful touch to any table. You don't have to spring for expensive cut flowers. Get some paper and fold yourself some origami flowers, or get some inexpensive silk flowers at a local craft store.

You can get all sorts of music at discount rates in second hand CD stores. Having some music playing can really add an entirely new dimension to your meal. Play something slow that you eat slowly and digest your meal - it makes a big difference in your health.

Table Runner
A table runner is a strip of cloth that runs down the center of the table. It is usually what the candles and flowers sit on. You can make a runner from any length of cloth and match it to your current theme of the moment.

Wall Decor
People tend to sit in the same chair every time they use a table. Sit in that chair for a moment and notice what is right in front of your eyes. If you can put a pretty painting or wall hanging right there, it will catch your focus while you eat.

Budget Decor Tips

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