Decorating Your Home

Many of us grow up with all sorts of ideas for how we would want to decorate once we have a place of our own. Some people even make books and books of pictures and clippings. Usually the problem when we finally get a room, apartment or home of our own is not what ideas to use - but that we have way TOO many ideas and don't know how to narrow them down.

Sit down with a pile of magazines, and your old books if you have them, and start with just one room. If you have a dorm room then you have it easy :). Go paging through all of the magazines and cut out images that appeal to you. Then sit down with the pile and spread them out. Slowly start eliminating the ones that just aren't as "great" as the others. Put items side by side and figure out which of the two speaks to you more. Yes it might be hard if you want both a cosy English style breakfast nook as well as a bright orange-yellow modern one. If you really find you end up with two styles, think of ways to meld them in together. Maybe you can have a cosy English style that uses bright yellow and orange flowers in its design!

Remember here that nothing you decide on has to be an eternal decision. You could always decide at first to go with a stark black and white bathroom - and then in a few years decide you'd like a softer green style. We all change our minds as we go through life, or outgrow phases and move on to new ones. That's fine. You only have to choose what you want for the moment.

It is nice of course if the house "ties together" in some way - but it's certainly not required! If you want your bedroom to be richly oriental and your kitchen to be sunny and modern, that's fine. It's your home, create it in a way that makes you happy.

Remember to keep storage space in mind as you decorate. Clutter can build up very quickly! Try to have a home for everything. There are numerous closet and shelf systems out there to help you with this aim.

You don't have to do it all in one day. A house is rarely ever "done". It is always changing, growing, being added to. Don't worry about getting every single piece for your ideal rooms. You'll find as soon as you think you have done that, that something else comes to mind. Instead, celebrate what the rooms look like now, and then celebrate each new addition or change. Think of your home as an evolving project, and you get to enjoy it every step of the way.

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