Curtain Clips / Rings

You might think that a curtain clip or ring is meaningless - but I have found that decorating on a budget often means the small things make a big impact. When you clear your house of clutter, the items that remain really have a chance to shine and be seen.

I love these clips. They are like black leafs, and clip strongly onto the curtains. We have them on tan colored curtains on two long pairs of windows on either side of our dining room. There are seven clips per package. This makes sense because each curtain panel we have comes with seven creases naturally in them, so you connect one clip per crease.

They were a little hard to move the clip part at first - I think the clip spring got slightly jammed with the paint. However, once they "snapped loose" of that paint, they work quite nicely.

They look gorgeous! I have since seen them in a massage room and they looked equally beautiful there as well. Highly recommended.

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